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Diagnostic Procedures

When we first see your child, we will begin with a complete medical history, physical examination, and evaluation of your child’s symptoms.

Diagnostic procedures will differ depending on the suspected disease.

In the case of cystic fibrosis, we will include a sweat test, chemical tests, chest x-rays, lung function tests, sputum cultures, and stool evaluations. In the case of an infant, a blood test may be used if he or she does not produce enough sweat.

Some of these diagnostic procedures will be applied to children who are being diagnosed for asthma or chronic cough.

In the case of asthma, allergy tests and blood tests will be part of the diagnostic procedures.

Regarding chronic lung disease (CLD), if your infant is having respiratory problems, he or she will be given a chest x-ray and this will be compared to previous ones for any changes in the appearance of the lungs.

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