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When you visit the doctor or go to the hospital there may be gadgets that you are not familiar with and make you wonder what they are used for or why they are being used on you.

If you are curious about these gadgets, your doctor or nurse will be glad to tell you what they are called and what they do.

Some of these gadgets are almost always used like a scale, which the nurse will have you step onto to measure your height and weight. Lung Information Resources
There are three gadgets used to take your vital signs.
Lung Information Resources Lung Information Resources Lung Information Resources
Your temperature will be taken by a thermometer, which shows your body’s warmth and coolness. The doctor will listen to your chest and back with a stethoscope, which measures your respiration or breathing by listening to your chest and back. Your blood pressure is measured by a having a soft plastic cushion put around your arm. It is pumped up until it is snug and comfortable on your arm and then slowly loosened to measure your blood pressure.
There may be other devices that might be used for testing or in the operating room. All you have to do is ask your doctor or nurse and they will tell you all about them.

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