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Cashel and Allison

Cashel and Allison have Spinal Muscular Atrophy. It is a genetic disease that causes them to be unable to walk, stand, or even hold their own heads up.

They cannot breathe on their own so are on ventilators and cannot swallow so have G-tubes in their stomachs to feed them. When Cashel was about 6 months old we noticed he wasn't starting to hold his head or sit up.

We were given the horrible diagnosis of SMA and told his life expectancy was 12-18 months due to respiratory failure.

Well...he just celebrated his 11th Birthday January 10th and Allison will be 9 in March!

Thanks to the excellent care and guidance from our doctors like, Dr Nakamura and his staff we are setting a precedence with Cashel and Allie.

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