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Brandon's Story

My son, Brandon, was born on January 4, 2002 with a rare neuromuscular disease called congenital myasthenic syndrome. CMS is a genetic disorder that affects the connection between the nerve cells and the muscle cells. One of the symptoms of CMS is respiratory distress due to the weakened diaphragm. Brandon has required mechanical ventilation through a tracheostomy tube since he was born.

Brandon has made so much progress in the last six years. It is a miracle! He has gone from a little baby who couldn’t breathe for even 30 seconds off the ventilator, to a little boy who is off the ventilator during the day and requires minimal vent support at night. He loves numbers, math, reading, typing stories on the computer, playing with his magnets and building marble tracks. He loves kindergarten and all his friends at school.

I am so grateful for the role that Dr. Nakamura and the staff at Children’s Lung Specialists have played in Brandon’s progress and subsequent development. It is because of Dr. Nakamura’s expertise, approach, and positive attitude that Brandon is where he is at from a respiratory standpoint which then impacts so many other aspects of his life and our family’s life. Words cannot express my gratitude for how much he and his entire staff care, not only for Brandon, but for all the children they see. They are amazing!
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